Thor's Paws - Snout 'n Wax Bundle


Thor’s Paws – Snout ‘n Wax Bundle


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By popular demand! We can now offer you this amazing bundle to focus on the feets and the noses of your furry friends.

Many people asked if they could swap out the “wrinkle” from our Wrinkle & Wax bundle, so hey, we took the leg work out for everyone! So without further ado, you get:

  • Organic Paw Wax 30ml (you can request peppermint)
  • Organic Honey & Oat Snout Butter 30ml

Snout Butter: a mixture of local honey, crushed oats, shea butter, almond oil and oat milk makes this butter the best there is. Honey is a natural healing agent and oats aid towards soothing irritated or itchy skin as they are a natural anti-inflammatory. A few drops of Rosemary Oil are added to the batch to help with preserving the shelf life without the use of chemicals.

Paw Wax: a simple (but very effective!) and natural paw protection wax, which also acts as a soothing balm. Our fully Organic Paw Wax is made from the following natural ingredients; corneal beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil.


N.B.: There are no chemical preservatives in this product unlike most on the market, so keep Snout Butter refrigerated for it’s best “shelf life”.


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