Thor's Paws Organic Tea Tree & Mint Shampoo



Thor’s Paws Organic Tea Tree & Mint Shampoo




By popular request, we present our Organic Liquid Shampoo in a fully recyleable 250ml aluminium bottle.

Made with a sopanified olive oil castile base and aloe vera – this shampoo will have your dog feeling sqeaky clean and super soft. Blended with a small amount of tea tree and mint essential oil, both of which are known antinflammatories, leaving your dog’s coat soothed and smelling fresh.

Our shampoo is dilutable 2:1 if you wish to water it down for easier spreading while cleaning (we do!)

Use alongside our solid Lemongrass Conditioner Bar for the ultimate wash.

Also available in Lavender & Honey.


Please note, this is not a highly scented shampoo – we cannot guarantee that the scent will last long on your pups fur. We do not use ‘fragrance oils’ which are the ones used for smelling purposes, we use materials and essential oils with specific benfits to the skin and / or hair.


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