Thor's Paws - Natural Ear Elixir Oil


Thor’s Paws – Natural Ear Elixir Oil




You asked, we delivered!

Ear Elixir is now here. A simple, but effective, ear drop that will benefit any breed (but we don’t recommend using on cats!)

Tried and tested on our doggies here at home (and ourself), we are confident you will love these as much as we do.

Let’s get technical on the ingredients:

Cold pressed Nigella sativa, virgin cold pressed Olea europaea, Cocos nucifera.

(That’s Black Seed Oil, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil to you and me). The natural oils helps to break down ear wax and gunk build up, while Black Seed Oil also fights inflammation.

Soothes itching and irritation. Eliminates & repels mites, lice and insects. Also makes an excellent ear cleaner too.

Apply a few drops per ear, rub the base of the canal to spread the drops or apply to a cotton bal;l to clean the ear flap itself.


Supplied in a 60ml glass bottle with glass dropper.


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