Thor's Paws Lavender & Honey Shampoo Bar 100g


Thor’s Paws Lavender & Honey Shampoo Bar 100g




Thor’s Paws Shampoo Bars are 100% Organic, made from an all Organic, SLS and Paraben free saponified olive oil base combined with the following to make our “Lavender & Honey” version:

  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • 30+ MGO Manuka Honey

This shampoo bar will have your dog feeling sqeaky clean and super soft. Blended with a 30+MGO Manuka Honey and Lavender essential oil, not only will our shampoo clean your dogs fur, it will nourish and soothe irritated, sore or dry skin.

Use alongside our solid Lemongrass Conditioner Bar for the ultimate wash.

Perfect for dogs who have sensitive skin or suffer from issues such as flaking or dry skin caused by allergies.

To Use:

  • Simply wet your furry friend and lather the soap bar in your hand.
  • Once lathered, run along your dog, over all necessary areas and work into the fur.
  • Rinse away any suds and admire your fresh smelling gorgeous four legged friend.
  • Repeat as necessary.

Wrapped in soy-bean wax paper with a paper label and cellulose tape, all of our shampoo bar packaging is 100% compostable!

Please note, this is not a highly scented shampoo – we cannot guarantee that the scent will last long on your pups fur. We do not use ‘fragrance oils’ which are the ones used for smelling purposes, we use materials and essential oils with specific benfits to the skin and / or hair.


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