Thor's Paws - Demi God Bundle


Thor’s Paws – Demi God Bundle


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In the “Demi God” bundle you get everything you need to take care of your pup from their head to their toes.

  • Choice of one Shampoo Bar
  • Snout Butter 30ml Tin
  • Paw Wax 30ml Tin
  • Wrinkle Relief 30ml Tin
  • Paw Wax Tube 18ml

Don’t let the names fool you, Snout Butter can be used on most forms of dry areas of skin, although mainly targeted for dry and crusty noses, it can be used on extra dry areas all over. Wrinkle Relief is highly moisturising, so even if you dog doesn’t have ‘wrinkles’ per se, you will find a use!



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