Epic Wash Bundle


Epic Wash Bundle


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The “Epic Wash Bundle” gives exactly what it says on the tin, an epic bundle to wash your dog;


1 x Thor’s Paws Organic Shampoo Bar

1 x Thor’s Paws Organic Conditioner Bar (Lemongrass)

1 x Kong Zoom Groom


This is the exact package I use to wash both Thor and Bella. The Shampoo Bar creates a good lather and will not strip the natural oils from your dog’s fur. Use the Zoom Groom while shampooing to help deep clean and evenly spread the shampoo, Zoom Groom also promotes blood flow to the skin and aids in the natural production of heathy oils. Finish with our Conditioner Bar – a little goes a long way!


Wrapped in soy-bean wax paper with a paper label and cellulose tape, all of our shampoo bar & conditioner bar packaging is 100% compostable!


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